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Only pay for the months you use the service and access the management screen throughout the year!

Initial installation fee
Position-Specific Results Analyzer *Optional
Number of users Pricing
〜30 ¥44,000
31〜50 ¥55,000
51〜100 ¥66,000
101〜200 ¥88,000
201〜300 ¥132,000
301〜600 ¥198,000
601~ ¥33,000 per 100 IDs
  • When adding accounts, the initial installation fee will be charged per account.
  • The Position-Specific Results Analyzer generates average peer evaluation scores for three groups: superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.
  • You may start evaluations mid-month.(You only pay for the 30-day window from the start date)
  • We will help you with the initial registration when you begin using the system.
  • You are charged for the months in which evaluations are conducted.
  • During the evaluation period, the fee is the same regardless of the number and frequency of evaluations during the evaluation period.
  • * If your evaluation exceeds one-month, you can pay for extensions in one-week increments. The fee for each one-week increment is 1/4 of the monthly fee.
  • * Update fee(¥11,000~¥110,000) will be required each year depending on usage fee.

Update fee

Minimum usage fee is lt ¥66,000
Minimum usage is ge ¥66,000 lt ¥132,000
Minimum usage is ge ¥132,000 lt ¥220,000
Minimum usage is ge ¥220,00

*Tax included.

※For example, if you pay three times within a year as follows ¥66,000, ¥132,000 and ¥220,000, Minimum usage fee is ¥66,000.

Example Evaluation Cycle

Example Evaluation Cycle

*You can begin evaluations in the middle of a month.

*You can use the management screen year-round.
(Preparing for evaluations, printing results etc.)

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