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Personnel evaluations

Q. What is a personnel evaluation?
A. A personnel evaluation is an assessment of employees’ skills and work performance based conducted in accordance with a company’s philosophy. The aim of these evaluations is to determine employee benefits, such as promotions and pay, and to ensure sufficient work performance while encouraging employee development. Personnel evaluations are based on four concepts:
・Putting the right people in the right places;
・Promoting strategies;
・Skills development;
・Equitable treatment of all employees.
Some people may think that personnel evaluations are just used to determine employee benefits, but what is important to understand is that the ultimate goal is to assess employee performance and encourage their development.
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Q. What is a 360 degree evaluation?
A. Although evaluation methods will differ from company to company, more attention is being focused on peer assessments by employees. In a 360 degree evaluation, employees can be evaluated from every angle: from their superiors, from their subordinates, from their fellow colleagues and from their clients. Evaluatees receive fair performance evaluations, while the management can learn things about their employees that they never noticed before. This kind of evaluation also ensures that everyone in the company knows the mission and agenda. It is also easy to administer. The results not only constitute a personnel evaluation, they can be used to track employees’ progress on their individual goals and to improve management,
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Administration of a 360 degree evaluation

Q. What kind of organizations are 360 degree evaluations suited to?
A. Many companies that use 360 degree evaluations are places that want to go beyond using the results of personnel evaluations to determine salaries and bonuses­—they want to develop talent and invigorate their organizations.
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Q. What are the disadvantages of using 360 degree evaluations?
A. The biggest disadvantage is cost, because the more evaluators there are, the more is cost to operate the system. There is also a possibility that people charged with conducting evaluations are not used to evaluating others, or do not know the evaluatees well enough to evaluate them properly. Compared to a typical personnel evaluation, there is more of a chance that the objectivity of a 360 degree evaluation will be skewed.
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Q. What kinds of companies are using 360 Multi Survey Solutions?
A. Companies in every sector and of every size, from those with less than 10 employees to those with more than 3,800, are using 360 degree evaluations.
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User Agreement

Q. Is there a minimum required period of usage?
A. No. Data is stored in our servers for one year from the last day you used the system. If you do not use the system for more than one year, you will need to pay the initial setup fee again.
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Q. Is there a free trial period?
A. You can set up a demo account that will allow you to try our service free for two weeks. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a demo account.
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Q. What is the setup process like?
A. 1. You submit your application form and logo data (and non-disclosure agreement, if necessary).
2. We issue your account.
3. You are ready to begin using 360 Multi Survey Solutions.
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Q. When are fees charged?
A. Fees are only charged for the months in which you conduct evaluations. When you use 360 Multi Survey Solutions, you can access the management screen at any time to add or edit evaluation questions and users. You can also add projects to give yourself enough time to prepare your evaluation. There is no charge for using the management screen. You will be billed for the initial setup fee at the end of the month in which you apply. Likewise, usage fees will be billed at the end of each month in which you use the system.
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