Price List

Only pay for the months you use the service and access the management screen at any time!

Initial installation fee ¥100,000
Number of user IDs Number of user IDs means that number of IDs published for all people associated the evaluation, including evaluators and evaluatees.
30 3150 51100 101200 201300 301500
Pricing ¥30,000 ¥40,000 ¥50,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000 ¥150,000

*Tax not included. *Companies with 501 or more user IDs should contact us for an individual estimate.

  • ・You may start evaluations mid-month.(You only pay for the 30-day window from the start date)
  • ・We will help you with the initial registration when you begin using the system.
  • ・You are only charged for the months in which your conduct evaluations. There are no fees for those months when you do not conduct evaluations.
  • ・During the evaluation period, the fee is the same regardless of the number and frequency of evaluations during the evaluation period.

* If your evaluation exceeds one-month, you can pay for extensions in one-week increments. The fee for each one-week increment is 1/4 of the monthly fee.

You need Initial installation fee again if using this system for the last time is one or more years ago.

More comfortable and convenient !

Position-Specific Results Analyzer The Position-Specific Results Analyzer generates average peer evaluation scores for three groups: superiors, colleagues, and subordinates. ¥50,000
Online feedback Administrators can see feedback of evaluations on web browsers. Cost will be reduced compared to printing them out. ¥100,000
Select evaluators by evaluatees Evaluatees can select evaluators. Administrators can let evaluatees make matrix of evaluation. ¥100,000
*If you want to eliminate expect number of user IDs, please contact us for an individual estimate.

*Tax not included.

*You are only charged for the first time when you start to use these options. There are no extra fees for the second time or after.

*If you want more functions, feel free to contact us for an individual estimate.

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