Functions of 360(san roku maru)

Administrator tools


Register evaluation items, users, and matrix of assignment

Administrators can register individual evaluation items and users as needed and customize everything from the evaluation standards and scores allocated to each question to the deadline for responding.

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Verify progress

Administrators can check to see if evaluations have been completed or not from the online interface, which eliminates the hassle of physically collecting responses.

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Send e-mails

Registering users' e-mail addresses, administrators can send e-mails by this system when "start evaluation", "remind answering" and "finish evaluation", and can customize subject and body of e-mail when sending them.

User functions

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List to be evaluated

The target users to evaluation are displayed in a list, it is possible to input while comparing each evaluation. You can use temporary registration function and you can restart your evaluation when you are free.

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Input auxiliary function

Input auxiliary function enables to move the cursor to the input of the evaluation value will automatically move.

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Comment tool

You can use the remarks field to enter comments or advice.

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Online interface for smartphone and tablet

Easy to use with smartphone or tablet, so you can access anytime, anywhere.

Automatic tabulation

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Automatic tabulation in Excel

Once evaluations are completed, you can generate evaluation sheets with Excel in a matter of minutes. These can then be used as feedback for your employees. In just one click, you can generate easy to understand Excel graphs that can be used to give your employees feedback.

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Itemized average score list

Ranking of the evaluators can be extracted in the list in the set evaluation item. Evaluation value as well as the whole of the item-by-item average value of the individual, making it so you can see where rank of the evaluators.

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Individual feedback sheet

You can display graphs of overall itemized average scores, average scores for peer evaluations and average scores for self-evaluations. Visually displaying the differences between the peer and self-evaluations can help employees see where they need to improve and encourage their development.

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Online feedback

Evaluatees can check their evaluation on their screen after the evaluation is done. You can save time as you do not need to print out evaluation sheets to distribute to evaluatees.

  • 閲覧可能な被評価者の結果一覧

Online feedback view setting

Users other than evaluatees can check online feedback of designed evaluatees by the setting. This setting allows you to hold online 1on1, assessment meeting and so on, as the users and the evaluatees can check their online feedback at the same time.

360(san roku maru)

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